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About Us


LPU came into existence with specific aim to impart total guidance for Distance Education Courses at Graduation and Post Graduate Level Education. We also offer training in the field of Information Technology, Commerce, Management, Library Science, etc.

We through our quality support have established ourselves as a premier institution.




Flexibility Of Time

Distance learning is much more flexible than the traditional mode of the classroom. It gives the flexibility of time to you as all information is available on your portal created on LPU website after you register for the course.


No Restriction Of Place

The best thing about distance education is that you can study from anywhere and at any time. It does not matter where you are living in the country, you can join the course and start learning. You have only to come to give the exams in Punjab.


Affordable Fee Structure

The main advantage of distance education is lower cost. The cost you spend on distance learning is much less as compared to regular learning. If you have financial constraints, you can easily afford the distance learning because some courses offered by distance educational institute are far less expensive than regular college classes.


Effective Distance Education

Effective Distance education or online learning is an effective mode of learning due to its tremendous benefits, for example, there is no traveling cost, no classroom sitting and beside this, you can learn from some of the most prestigious professors or guest speakers online in each field.