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Why distance education is imperative in India?

Why distance education is imperative in India?

Distance Education – Now a day’s learning through distance mode has become an effective method of education in all the countries of the world. Distance education, which is also known as online learning, is a viable opportunity for many people of all ages who want to get an education. In India, the distance and open education structure as an alternative approach of imparting education has been meeting the demand for education of millions of people at diverse levels. It is not only an attempt to solve the problem of over-crowding in educational institute but also to train the adult populace with the efficient tools to attain the professional competence. Many Indian universities have adopted the programme of distance and open education. Realizing the importance of the system DE has established in India, which has so many branches throughout the world. It holds a number of advantages over a traditional education environment.

There are some benefits or advantages of distance education in India, portrayed below-

1. Flexibility of Time

Distance learning is much more flexible than traditional mode of the classroom. It gives the flexibility of time to you. Suppose if you do not have the time in the day then you can study at the night or at any time, which you find suitable for you because the thing it requires a computer or a good internet connection.

2. No restriction of Place

The best thing about distance education is that you can study from anywhere and at any time. It does not matter that where you are living in the country, you can join the course and start learning. If you are a citizen of a different country and the course has provided by any international discipline you can easily access the material wherever you are.

3. Scheduling

The schedule for distance education are more open and suitable for every type of learner whether they are students, professionals or parents than the traditional style of classroom education that requires schedule work in the class time.

4. Numerous option of School & Colleges

As we know that online education offers the opportunity to study more subjects or programmes. There are many school and colleges, which provide distance learning. You can choose easily school or college, which you find best or suitable for you such as DE a great university in Chandigarh India.

5. Minimum Cost

The main advantage of distance education is lower cost. The cost you spend on distance learning is less as compared to regular learning. If you have a shortage of money, or you are poor then you can easily afford the distance learning because some courses offered by distance educational institute are less expensive than regular college classes.

6. Effective

Distance education or online learning is an effective mode of learning due to its tremendous benefits, for example, there is no traveling cost, no classroom sitting and beside this, you can learn from some of the most prestigious professors or guest speakers online in each field. Therefore, the distance education is an ideal option for learning for everyone especially, who are working or professionals and looking for education. It is the best an effective method of learning that provides education with efficient tools and skills at appropriate cost worldwide.